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Business Insurance

At National Rural Independents Group (NRIG), we tailor insurance products to fit you, your business and your lifestyle. Check out our peace of mind cover categories and start getting the right cover for you.

Delivering qualityrisk solutions and support for all domestic needs

  • Tailored Solutions – You get a full range of quality insurance products tailored to your needs
  • Your Advocate – We champion your needs for the best outcomes for you, not the Insurer
  • Personal – When you speak to us you speak to real people, not machines

Our prompt no-jargonadvice and in-house claims service will leave you and your family without aworry in the world. NRIG offers the peace of mind of a full range of quality,value-for-money insurance products ready to be customised to meet your exactneeds for covering your home, car, travel, caravan, art, antiques, jewelleryand more.

Best-priced insurancesolutions for retailers, big and small

  • Timely – We understand your time is precious and you need responses fast
  • Quality Product – NRIG’s relative scale can deliver you good cover with proven Insurers
  • Price – We appreciate that margins are important to you

Trust NRIG tounderstand the nature of your retail business and tailor a cost-competitiveinsurance product that fits perfectly. We can recommend risk cover that scalesup or down to fit your business size and help out your cash flow withinstalment premiums. Whether you’re in wholesaling, hospitality, clubs,supermarkets, retail franchising or specialty retail, having insurance you cantrust is a critical part of running your business. Talk to us about customisinga peace of mind insurance product to fit your exact needs from stock loss tofire and accidental damage, through to theft, legal liability and more.

Peace of mind forskilled and trades

What we deliver toyou:

  • Relationships – You can reach us 24/7; we are there for you, ready to respond
  • Service – You get what you need hassle-free; we get the job done for you
  • Tailored Solutions – You get insurance tailored to your trade; we simplify and demystify the options

We’re there with youwhen you need us, at a time that suits your schedule, and we’re ready to workwith you as your business grows and evolves. Insurance peace of mind tailoredto people who earn a living hands-on: from traditional trades such as builders,plumbers & electricians, extended to include engineers, machinery &plant operators etc., as well as retail trades such as hairdressers and thosein the beauty and leisure sectors. We build relationships with you thatare personable, available, responsive and hassle free.

Quality insuranceadvice for professionals and consultants

What we deliver toyou:

  • Advice – You get informed, meaningful advice; we maintain expertise in your industry sector
  • Service – Confidence in professional, tailored services; we make the time to talk and consult with you
  • Relationships – Trust in the relationship; we get to know you and your practice

Comprehensive,meaningful advice plus professional service delivery: it’s what you give yourown clients and we wouldn’t offer you anything less when it comes to yourinsurance needs. Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, accountant or real estateagent, as a professional, you value communication and relationships. That’s ourfocus – giving you the right insurance advice for your practice, talking youthrough options and delivering on what we promise.

Specialised insuranceservices for complex commercial needs

  • Relationships – Trust in the relationship; we get to know you, your business and your operating environment
  • Advice – Confidence in specialist, relevant advice; we maintain expertise and diligently stick to process
  • Service – Face to face service; we come to you and deliver what we promise

Complex commercialprograms need specialist know-how to make sure adequate insurance protection isin place. When the risks are significant, so are the solutions. Think: disasterrecovery plans, property valuations, business interruption reviews, OH&S auditsand corporate superannuation advice. It’s when we really step up withface-to-face service delivery, in-depth research of you and your business, anda holistic approach that takes care of the big picture and the smallestdetails. This specialised service requires a high level of expertise, servicedelivery and risk management strategies.

Practical no-nonsenseinsurance solutions for rural enterprises

  • Responsive – You can reach us 24/7; we are there for you, ready to respond
  • Hassle-free – No-nonsense, tailored products; we take the hassle out of getting the right insurance
  • Advice – You get informed; we take a holistic approach to providing sound, meaningful advice

When you put yourheart and soul into agriculture, you want to make sure your risks are coveredso you can sleep easy at night. Whether you’re a dairy farmer, grazier,cropper, viticulturist, aquaculturalist or hobby farmer, our no-nonsense,hassle-free insurance services get you the best advice and the right productswhen and where you need them, 24/7. We’ll come to you; we’ll meet you in yourpaddock if that’s what it takes. We’ll bring with us a friendly handshakeand a promise to take the hassle out of getting the information and peace of mind you need.

Staying ahead of thegame with our tailored offerings:

  • Proven Partner – We have a proven track record of partnering with Associations to provide better insurance value to their members
  • Tailored Solutions – We combine your scale with our expertise to develop insurance solutions that are relevant to your members, industry or profession
  • Service – You get best in market products & security via our preferred Insurance Supplier partnership

NRIG partners anumber of leading associations with programs and solutions that are tailor madeto ensure added value to its members. These insurance offerings not onlyprovide stimulus for future improvement but importantly provide preventativemeasures to protect your business against unique risks that are inherent withinyour industry. With ongoing research & monitoring of security providers wewill continually develop best in market solutions and product for your needs.

Key partnershipsinclude: Master Grocers Association & Liquor Retailers Association (e.g.IGA, Foodworks), Mitre 10, National Electrical Contractors Association, LaserGroup, Narellan Pools, Industry / Specific (e.g. Builders, Engineers, Hotels,Alpine)

We're on your sidewith Workers' Compensation

  • Trust – Trust in the relationship; we get to know you and your business and your operating environment
  • Knowledge – You get know-how and positive results; we get the job done for you
  • Advice – You can rely on our advice; we maintain up-to-date expertise and put it into best practice

With the right peopleand processes in place, you can enjoy an integrated, positive approach to yourWorkers’ Compensation needs. We’re on your side when it comes to WorkCoverprocesses and work with you to get you the best results. Every time.

Our expert five-stepmodel is key:

  • quick wins
  • proactive injury management
  • complex claims management
  • education
  • monitor and measure.

We offer bestpractice care to your people to support their safe return to work. As experts,we help you manage the culture, moral and financial obligations associated withworkplace injuries so you can get on with business.

Refer to the newand updated Rework website

Wealth protection andpeace of mind for you and your family

  • Advice – You get the protection you want; we work hand-in-hand with you to enhance your financial goals
  • Knowledge – Expert attention for your personal financial matters; we maintain expertise and up-to-date know-how
  • Service – Reliable, hassle-free service; we deliver what we promise with no-fuss process that gets the job done for you

Every NRIG riskadvisor is experienced and dedicated to working with you to put in placestrategies that work for you and your financial goals. Wealth protection is notjust for today; it’s about retirement and family legacy and it’s aboutsafeguarding the fruits of your labour. Let us tailor a product to fit you:personal and family protection, estate planning, business insurance, businesssuccession planning, key man insurance, total and permanent disabilityinsurance, critical injury insurance, income protection insurance, businessoverheads insurance and more.